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            An Adoption & Retirement Home for Dogs & Cats            


Annual Report (or you can click here for a printer friendly version)

December 9, 2005

Dear Friends, Donors, and Supporters:

 Our Annual Report is the time to thank all of you for your loving support of the Ranch. This is our second annual activity and admittedly long status report to all supporters.


Honors and Gratitude


We attained tax-deductible status as a 501(c)3 humane public charity and our donations increased, thankfully. We want to publicly acknowledge the people and organizations making the Ranch a success for its second year:

õ      Mr. and Mrs. Robert Taylor of Combined Insurance Services, Inc. (Ocala) for regular 2005 support

õ      Polly & Howard Miller whose estate made Rainbow Ranch financially possible

õ      Ralph & Lynn Berker & the Therapy Dogs of Southern California for the contribution for Katrina Project

õ      Seneca Hill Animal Hospital in Great Falls, VA for HeartGuard® and consulting

õ      Jo-Anne Stapler, DVM, and the Animal Clinic (Citra) staff

õ      Butch Aten, DVM, and the Baseline Animal Hospital staff: Karen Richardson

õ      Airport Road Animal Clinic (Ocala) – Dr. Hooker and Dr. Howe and the entire staff

õ      Dr. Lee Kierstein of Magnolia Animal Hospital (Ocala) and the entire staff

õ      Steve, Cheryl and Miss Dee of the Candler Post Office for assistance beyond their job!

õ      Linda Jackson – Pawz 4 Treats (Jacksonville)

õ      John Hopper – John Hopper Jewelry Designs (Jacksonville) – Ace’s Angel

õ      Kyle and Andriea Schotter – Two Pretty Girls Treats (Ocala)

õ      Dennis Hampt of Springtime, Inc. (Cockeysville, MD) for providing dietary supplements

õ      David Moore and Austin Miller of the Ocala Star Banner for pro bono media coverage

õ      Marion Alachua Dog Training Center (Lauren Ford) for Katrina Project donations

õ      Have a Heart for Companion Animals (John and Marilyn Marinelli)

õ      Ocala Junior Women’s Club for crate pads given through Have a Heart


õ      Our donors of both supplies and gifts to whom we remain indebted:


§          Gladys & Al Stevas (McLean, VA)

§          Barbara Mick (Fredericksburg, VA) – Scooter, Romeo & Amos’ Angel

§          Dr. Roxanne Boggiano (Stafford, VA)

§          Marion Mirecki (Leesburg, VA)

§          Juanita Easton (Sterling, VA)

§          Kimberly Detrick (Leesburg, VA)

§          Jim and Mary Tibbs (Richmond, VA) – Sophie’s Angels

§          G. Lewis Michael (Alexandria, VA) – April’s Angel

§          Betty VanRyn (Westernport, MD)

§          Warren Lowe (Germantown, MD) - April’s Angel

§          Lisa and Tommy Edwards (Monrovia, MD) – April’s Angels

§          Darla Rosenberger (Myersvile, MD) – April’s Angel

§          Robyn Hannan (Williamsport, PA) – April’s Angel

§          Diane Donnor-Engeron (Yorktown Heights, NY)

§          Rev. Sandra Haines-Murdocco – Church of the Ascension (Wakefield, RI)

§          Yolanda and Dale Cessna (Baytown, TX) – Tina’s Angel

§          Brandy & John Keippala (Hawthorne, CA)

§          Barbara Simon (Claremont, CA)

§          Geoffrey Doman (Van Nuys, CA)

§          IMPS – Internet Miniature Pinscher Service, Inc. (national MinPin rescue)

§          Janine Nugent (Sarasota, FL)

§          Patty Hart (St. Augustine, FL)

§          Dana Beckmann (Ft. Myers, FL) – Brisket & Sweetie’s Angel

§          Monroe and Franziska Smith (Ft Myers, FL)

§          Una Larson (Pinellas Park, FL) – Emily and Jigger’s Angel

§          Veronica Ponzio (Keystone Heights, FL)

§          Bryan and Jeannette Morgan (Shalimar, FL)

§          Barbara Autry – Rainbow Ranch Cats’ Angel

§          Mary Garrett in honor of Larry and Mary Grizzard

§          Selby and Teri Barrach

§          Jack and Isabel Stawicki

§          Linda Wessling

§          Jeri Baldwin of Crone’s Cradle Conserve

§          Judith Soltis

§          Will Banks

§          Carolyn Keris

§          Jean Barnes

§          Jackie Rosselot

§          Andy and Mary Baldwin

§          Claudette Hyatt

§          Larry and Julia Grizzard

§          Bette Hubbard

§          Linda Wallis

§          Lorene Schryver

§          Greg and Linda Norman

§          Joseph and Isidra Tantanella

§          Nancy Peck

§          Barbara Elgin

§          Don Cassidy

§          John and Marilyn Turner

§          Annie and William Gonzalez

§          Patricia Payette

§          Doris Carter

§          Edna Mae Dean

§          Marilyn and Peter Castleberry



õ      Our dedicated volunteers:

§          Lisa & Tommy Andrews’ Aunt Becky for the large intricate afghan (raffle prize)

§          Barb Elgin – on-site volunteer and festival staff

§          Cary and Teresa Salmon – wildlife sanctuary clearing and more

§          Yolanda and Dale Cessna (Baytown, Texas) – eBay Fundraiser Management

§          John Hopper (Jacksonville) – jewelry designer donor for auctions

§          Diane Donner-Engoron (Yorktown Heights, New York) – Donor Relations

§          Selby and Teri Barrach – foster parents for Robbie & Tabitha

§          Sue Shields – foster parent for Stubby and Sky

§          Linda Wessling – foster parent for Banshee

§          Donna Malo – foster parent for Sasha

§          Lelia Thomas – cleaning crew for Katrina Shelter Day and more

§          Pat Irvin – cleaning crew for Katrina Shelter Day

§          Billy Tattersall – cleaning crew for Katrina Shelter Day

§          Beverly Moreau – cleaning crew for Katrina Shelter Day

§          Pat Barreira – cleaning crew for Katrina Shelter Day

§          Tara and Don Wyatt – festival staff; on-site volunteers; Katrina cleaning crew

§          The Henry Family – festival staff

§          The Bass Family – festival staff and more

§          Una Larson – festival staff

§          Elaine Weber – festival staff

§          Ann Bates (Bernville, PA) - crochet team


New Residents

ö      Emily and Jiggles, 5 yr old black cats for adoption from a owner surrender in January

ö      Garfield aka Cinnamon, 2 yr old orange tabby cat found by a persistent family in June

ö      Cosmos, a 1 yr old orange tabby cat, because of pet iguana harassment in February

ö      Tabitha, a 5 yr old black cat for adoption from Sarasota (Katrina) in October

ö      Ace, a 5 yr old black and rust Miniature Pinscher (MinPin), with house-soiling and dominance issues, in August from Jacksonville through a Texas MinPin rescuer

ö      Benny, a 5 yr old red MinPin, with terminal heartworm disease, in April from Duval County Animal Shelter

ö      Romeo, a blind 8 year old black and rust MinPin, with diabetes, in April from IMPS – Mid-Atlantic

ö      Amos, a 7 year old red MinPin, with severe anxiety, in April from IMPS – Mid-Atlantic

ö      April Love, a 5 year old red MinPin, with pulmonary stenosis and skeletal deformities, in April from Lisa Andrews – a Maryland rescuer.

ö      Scooter, a 5 year old black and rust MinPin, with behavioral problems, in April from IMPS – Mid-Atlantic

ö      Sadie, an 8 year old Chihuahua, with house-soiling, a kidney disorder and allergies in July from Ft. Myers

ö      Bailey, a 9 year old red Retreiver mix, with incontinence, in October from Georgia

ö      Bobbi, a 7 year old Chihuahua mix, in September from Marion County Humane Society



ö      Cat - Baby Leo Sasquatch, now named King Tut Barnes

ö      Kittens - Troy & Thor, now named Boots MacKenzie Casey and Rummy Ray Casey

ö      Cat - Robbie, now named KC Hoopengardner

ö      Cats - Stubby and Sky Shields

ö      Kittens – now named Aries and Isis Adams

ö      Kitten -  now named Pong Sa Tantanelli

ö      Cat – Sasha Malo


Residents Crossing the Rainbow Bridge

˙      Paxil, a 9 yr old gray cat with multiple organ failure in January

˙      Jeremiah, a 14 yr old black cat with pancreatic cancer in February

˙      Benny, a 5 yr old red MinPin in May with advanced terminal heartworm disease after only 27 days here

˙      Princess Flo, a 9 yrs old black and rust MinPin, in May with multiple cancers

˙      Scooter, a 5 yr old black and rust MinPin with unpredictable aggression in October

Medical Updates (unless noted, all dogs and cats are doing well or have chronic conditions)

©       Sweetie (10 yr old MinPin) with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease continues to do well

©       Henry (4 yr old English setter) now clear of heartworm disease and on 1.25 mg maintenance dose of prednisone for his severe allergies. Henry has put on weight and is beginning to grow “setter feathers.”

©       General John John Peebody Johnson (5 yr old MinPin) with Iris Atrophy continues to do well and had his teeth cleaned this fall. He has not had any new occurrences of fungus infections in his ears.

©       Alex (2 yr old MinPin with alopecia) only had two skin infections this year – his baldness predisposes him to skin trouble.

©       Tina (+17 yrs old Manchester Terrier mix) has three new “lumps” that appear to be more cancer, but because of her very advanced years, she will not undergo surgery for them. She continues to have her osteoarthritis pain well managed with Rimadyl and toddles all over even though she is weakening.

©       Romeo (diabetic blind 8 yr old MinPin) with his teeth cleaned, continues to do very well with his insulin. He has learned to jump up onto the loveseat and safely to get down!

©       Sophie (epileptic 4 yr old MinPin) remains seizure free on her meds and has lost 2 lbs.

©       Takara (11 yr old Abyssinian cat) was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy this October despite her good diet. She is terminal and on an experimental medication. Takara has already outlived her projected date of demise.

©       Sadie (8 yr old Chihuahua) no longer shows any evidence of kidney irregularity and is doing fine.

©       King’s (+13 yr old MinPin) physical showed some severe arthritis beginning but he is okay for now.

©       Gus (11 yr old Bichon Frisé) continues to have chronic eye infections and is getting frail but he doesn’t seem to be in pain.

©       Amos (8 yr old MinPin) remains very anxious but has lost 4 pounds and looks fantastic!

©       April Love’s surgery for her pulmonary stenosis was aborted when her heart stopped briefly during surgery. April (6 yrs old) is no longer a candidate for the surgery. Her new cardiologist suggests that she should live longer than the University of Florida predicted. April seems to be doing better and, with increased pain medication for her joints, is much more active these days.

©       BoBo Kitty is beginning to show “wasting” as she ages – she was abandoned with us years and years ago and must be at least 19 years old.

©       Emaciated Bailey (10 yr old Retriever mix) has begun to put on weight and is much stronger now.


The Numbers

Total Capacity: 41 animals - currently with 26 dogs and 15 cats (Yes, we remain over capacity.)

Legal Status:  501(c)3 status granted in January and Florida tax-exempt status granted in March 2005.

Financial Status: Dec. 9, 2005:  $412.54 in the checking account and $595.78 in the disaster savings account. Income from donations and fundraisers exceeded $9,400.00 and expenses exceeded $14,400.00. The balance not covered by donations was paid by Board Officers’ personal funds as capitol investment. If you would like a copy of the closing 2005 Financial Statement, please email or call us at 352-680-1707.

Board of Directors: JD Hoselton (West Virginia) was named Vice President in February. Elaine Weber, a church friend and fellow animal lover, resigned as Secretary now that the Ranch has been incorporated successfully. She was succeeded by Rosemarie Saracini of Dunnellon who has years of volunteer experience and service with a humane society in New Jersey. Rebekah Sellers (Colorado) joined as a member-at-large filling the board in October. Karen Hills continues as Treasurer and Heather Miller continues as President.



Marion Mirecki designed a logo and established our website: this spring but we have been unable to find a volunteer to keep it updated so it remains as designed and needs updating badly. (Any web experts out there?)


Diane Donnor-Engeron joined as Donor Relations Supervisor ensuring that all donations are promptly acknowledged. Heather Miller published three quarterly newsletters completed with this December Report Summary.

Email newsletters have been discontinued because the Rainbow Ranch computer was damaged when the ISP provider tried to repair a glitch in early December. Until funds for a new computer can be gathered, the Ranch will use



Yolanda Cessna established an eBay presence for us and maintains sales of donated items on it. John Hopper designs jewelry and sells it on http://.jrhopper/ Heather Miller established an account and auctions Medical Alert Collar Covers on’s charity animal rescue auctions. A Crochet Team is being formed to make pet sweaters and items for the artloft auction sales.

Grants: Pets Mart denied our request to apply for a grant, ruling that we are a sanctuary and not a rescue effort. A grant application was made to Sam’s Club (Wal-Mart) but no response was received. Springtime, Inc. continues to provide a grant for health supplements. Seneca Hill Animal Hospital regularly donates HeartGuard.

Festivals & Yard Sales:

We were present at 3 festival community events: First Saturday (“Buck a Book - Buck a Biscuit” Sale and Boomtown Days both in Dunnellon in the spring - $600.00; and McIntosh 1890’s days in November - $173.00. December’s yard sale netted $899.13.


9 volunteers provided cleaning assistance for the KARS (Katrina Animal Rescue Shelter) in Ocala.

A donation of clippers ($125.00) was made to Chattahoochee Humane Society in Alabama to remove the excuse that they didn’t have clippers to prepare animals for euthanasia. They are in the process of outfitting a room for euthanasia and will stop using a crude gas chamber set-up in the very near future.

Rainbow Ranch provided 2 Doberman pinscher transports for Malcolm and Zeus in cooperation with Purebreed Rescue (Jacksonville) for the two dogs’ eventual adoptions.

Rainbow Ranch volunteers used the desktop publishing studio here to create the newsletter for a similar struggling shelter named Journey’s End in Deland that didn’t have the ability to create a computer-produced newsletter.

In 2005, Rainbow Ranch directly helped a total of 70 animals: 24 in some capacity plus the 46 animals residing here during the year.

As we begin our third year here in Florida, we thank you for ensuring that Rainbow Ranch remains a last chance for these beloved animals. We personally and most importantly are grateful to all of you because we get to be the direct beneficiaries of the love from these little fur babies. There is joy seeing the new animals adjust to being loved and secure again. The ranch requires enormous work but, during that rare quiet moment when we have a chance just to hold these animals, they nuzzle securely against us. It is then that each dog and cat shows appreciation for what you enable Rainbow Ranch to provide.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Rainbow Ranch,




The dogs and cats and humans

Heather Miller, President

JD Hoselton, Vice President

Rosemarie Saracini, Secretary

Karen Hills, Treasurer

Rebekah Sellers, Member at Large

Barb Elgin, Volunteer Coordinator

Diane Donner-Engoron, Donor Relations

Yolanda & Dale Cessna and John Hopper, Auction Team