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an adoption and retirement home for dogs and cats



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ADOPTABLE:  Garfield is a rescue coming to the Ranch after being found as a stray by a grandmother whose family was allergic. They fell in love with Garfield’s antics and wished they could keep him. Garfield is neutered, healthy, free of feline leuk and AIDS, and is very reliable about his litter box. This cat is a stunning orange tabby with rather squinty eyes. He adores playing with toys and has the ability to learn to shake hands because he naturally paws when you approach him. The other great thing about this cat is his ability to entertain himself hilariously as well as his “dog-like” nature. Garfield enjoys coming over to a human and sitting down alongside, pushing his back against the human just like a dog does. Our vet estimates that Garfield is only about a year old. He gets along well with other cats but doesn’t like dogs at all! The best home for Garfield would be a home with children, maybe another cat and no dogs. ADOPTABLE: Pumpkin is just one year old and is a strikingly beautiful silver tabby cat with soft fur. Her human family split up, leaving Pumpkin and her fur friends, Jigger and Emily, homeless. She is declawed, healthy, reliably litter box-trained and is just a very sweet cat. Pumpkin also has a charming trait in that she "talks" much as Siamese Cats do. Pumpkin is spayed and is just one of those all around good cats. Pumpkin is available for adoption for a flexible adoption donation because we would like to see her possibly placed with Jigger and/or Emily. If you have room in your heart and home for little Pumpkin, send an email  and please tell us what you can offer her. She can offer much love and companionship!
ADOPTABLE: Jigger is available for adoption for a flexible adoption donation because we would like to see him possibly placed with Pumpkin and/or Emily. Jigger is about four years of age and is a LARGE handsome black cat with intelligent gold eyes and a tiny white patch on his chest. He is very playful and adores his humans. His affectionate nature is coupled with his daring and confidence. This is some cat! Jigger is declawed, neutered and reliably litter box-trained. He is healthy and all Rainbow Ranch adoptees are up-to-date on immunizations. If you would like to have Jigger join your family, please email us and tell us what you can offer him. Don't you just want to get your kitty tease toy and play with this majestic cat? He wants to play with you and love you forever.

ADOPTABLE: Emily is a petite four year old black feline who is spayed, healthy, and reliably litter box-trained. She is a "real scaredy cat" so her adopters need to be patient to give her time to get to know them. Emily is the first to scatter if a stranger comes to her home. But our experience proves that these reticent cats are always the most affectionate if their humans allow them to build trust. She is declawed and up-to-date on her immunizations. If you have room in your heart and home for sweet Emily, with her gorgeous huge golden eyes,  please email us to  tell us what you can offer her. She also is available for adoption for a flexible adoption donation because we would like to see her possibly placed with Jigger and/or Pumpkin. Adoptable Emily needs you!

  ALEX       BETHANY    
Alex Scout Tracker is a rescue through a veterinarian's rescue. Alex is a blue MinPin carrying the alopecia gene. His hair is very thin and he gets fungal infections quite often. Many blue MinPins die early because, without protective hair, they catch opportunistic serious skin infections. Alex is bathed as frequently as necessarily and checked over closely every day. He is all puppy and celebrated his first birthday with Doggy Birthday Muffins on February 2, 2005. Alex is beginning to settle down and is becoming an affectionate little guy. He adores his playmates Bethany and Ricky but sleeps tightly up against a human all night long! Alex is called Scout Tracker because he is happiest scouting and tracking grubs in the dog park - IUCK! Bethany is a beloved adoption return. Beth was three days old when we first rescued her from the shelter with her sire Sammy, dam Sarah and two littermates given up by the human breeders. Then her adoptive family felt they didn't have enough money to care for her so back she came at a year of age. Beth didn't get much training as a puppy and is the wild child but she is healthy and happy. Bethany's mother is a MinPin that came back to live with us for two months away from her adopter while recovering from a stroke that left her temporarily paralyzed. When Beth was returned, no one here could place her again for adoption out of love for dear Sarah who recovered enough to go back to New York state. Unbridled Bethany isn't like sweet Sarah but instead is an active handful just like her father Sammy!
Rick's Lady Brisket is Sweetie's "sibling" who arrived after their human passed on. Brisket came to us very obese but has slimmed down and plays and runs like the wind out in the dog park especially with Ricky, the Lhasa Apso. Brisket adores food and cuddling and has commandeered the extra human pillow on the bed for her sleeping place! She is an AKC pedigreed red MinPin who was with her human since puppyhood. As a result she is very well-adjusted and being in rural Florida may have helped overcome some of the medical problems she had when she arrived here. Brisket is no longer on any special diet or medication and seems to be doing well. Brisket's birthdate is July 7, 1997. Cocoa, a chocolate MinPin, has come a long way, Baby! Kharma's puppy, he is lucky to be alive. The owner waited four hours to take Kharma, with Cocoa stuck in the birth canal, to the vet. Also abused, Cocoa came to us with severe anxiety and distrust. Two years have passed and he still is fearful as you can see in this recent picture. But Cocoa will now climb up into the big bed at night and cuddle in if "no one knows." He also is beginning to play with the other dogs, apart from his mother. Cocoa and his mother have very sensitive eyes and they must be cleaned every day. Cocoa is still very frightened if voices are raised or if there is a commotion but his courage is bigger every day!

Gus is a shelter adoption failure but a triumph in our hearts. He was pulled from the shelter when his second adoptive family said he growled too much. Well, he is a Bichon Frise and certainly displays his pride. Sweet Gus is an old gentleman at about ten years of age now with not much get up and go anymore. Gus will climb up the bed ramp into the big bed at night sometimes but usually prefers to be tucked into the bathtub with his favorite hot pink pillow. Cream colored, Gus does not look like the fancy Bichon Frise standard but he does possess the perfect proud temperament of his breed. This is one sweet old fussy "Gussy" guy!

Henry Stewart Higgins is the latest rescue bringing us to capacity. Henry is a shelter pull who had every parasite known to dog. He is undergoing heartworm treatment this spring but has been treated for all the other parasites. Now gaining weight, Henry is an overgrown puppy acting as if he never got to be a puppy. His birthday is reported to be July 8, 2001 but he acts much much younger discovering new things everyday. Smart Henry, who has severe allergies that the vets haven't been able to identify, is learning how to live indoors and mastered "sit" reliably on command in just a couple of hours. Henry's favorite pastime is "setting" for the birds in the Live Oak Trees in the dog park. He is not the biggest eater because he is so busy being "birdy." Henry's vet bills have been enormous but they aren't as big as his good old heart! This is a wonderful boy whom we hope will get well soon.
General John John Peebody Johnson is a chocolate AKC pedigreed Miniature Pinscher born on May 25, 1999. John was the first MinPin in the pack. Given to us by his human who found herself with too many dogs, John is also the smallest member of the pack. John must be protected because of his size but also because he has Iris Atrophy, a condition in which his iris muscles do not work. As a result, he will go blind if he burns his eyes so he must wear either his "Doggles" or one of his hats. Rarely without her son Cocoa, AKC pedigreed Kharma is a red MinPin whose birth date is August 27, 1999. She came to us from an admittedly abusive family and, for three months, she and Cocoa hid out under the dining room table. Kept in a crate for hours on end, Kharma had learned to distrust everything. She sometimes now will seek out affection, even enjoying her open crate! Kharma is probably the smartest dog here because she hid under Mac's Setter chest "feathers" to eat his large dinner. She put on an enormous amount of weight and we worried that she had a serious medical condition until we caught her in the "act." Still very smart and resourceful, Kharma is fat, happy, and more trusting every day!
  KING     MAC 
King is the pack's comic, born about April 15, 1994 or even earlier. A rather overweight stray red Miniature Pinscher, King was found at King's Dominion Theme Park. He was never adopted because many people thought he looked too mean, too fat or was too old. Stubborn King loves to cuddle in bed and adores searching under the stove for a stray kibble if he can get away with it! King lost all that weight and now is a very gentle, quite active, and healthy love-puppy who is very handsome to us!

Macgregor aka Macaroni came to us as a stray shelter pull. Mac's honorary birth date is June 16, 1995. He is a 70 pound rust and white English Setter who loves nothing more than "setting" the birds and squirrels in the dog park. He is in good health but suffers from arthritis and old man aches! Mac is terrified of thunderstorms and loud noises and will seek cover in the bathtub or behind the bed. Mac is also a bolter and will seize any opportunity to escape only to be found in the nearest body of water - but he won't swim in the pool! There's no slimy mud, debris, weeds, or gunk in it!

Maggie Maye is an English Setter in white and tan. She is a 50 pound very sensitive girl born about October 15, 1996. She easily blends into the background as a gentle quiet girl. She was taken to the pound because her humans said she got too big for their townhouse. Maggie prefers to be inside but is capable of tearing up the dog park playing with Ricky, a Lhasa Apso. Maggie has no issues other than she is terrified of any large metal things that clang. During the hurricanes, Maggie suffered unnecessarily because she was reluctant to go outside to go potty because the wind was clanging a shed roof up in the sanctuary. She proved that she is undeniably very house-trained! Mickey was our first formal rescue from a family who couldn't get him housetrained. Mickey was born about November 15, 1999 and is a small red lovable Miniature Pinscher. Always very hyperactive, Mickey was difficult to train. He did graduate from basic obedience but his instructor said, with a knowing chuckle, "He would benefit if he repeats the class!"  Mickey's high activity proved tragic when he slipped and fell from an icy deck. He suffered a broken back and some neurological damage and today requires help while eating. But Mickey, however lopsided, can run like the wind and doesn't let his disability slow him down one bit!

Otto Von Kleinerhund (meaning "of the little dogs") is an AKC pedigreed surrender who bit a child because candy was hidden in the bed he shared with the same child. Otto also suffers from severe separation anxiety precluding him from being adopted. Every time Otto was placed for adoption, he destroyed so much while his new family was gone at work or school that he kept being returned. So Otto lives here and, for whatever reason, has never destroyed a thing. Indeed, he is one of the more gentle dogs. He adores food and his second favorite thing is anything crocheted. He often can be found curled up in a crocheted baby blanket on his favorite chair. Otto, an enormous Miniature Pinscher, is independent yet loyal and so affectionate.

Precious Pebbles in a Brook is another AKC pedigreed MinPin who is medically compromised. She suffered severe hemorrhagic gastroenteritis just before a year of age and almost died of starvation when her weight fell to 9 pounds. Now a healthy and shiny 19 pounds, Pebbles is one happy girl. A bit on the excitable side, Pebs seems happiest curled up sleeping against a human at bedtime. She also adores food but her diet is strictly controlled because she does get sick so easily. Pebbles was born on October 1, 2000 and has received an award at a pet fair for being the best "kisser."


Sunny is a black and rust Miniature Pinscher whose birth date is Sept. 15, 2000. She came to us through our volunteering with IMPS MinPin rescue and every adoption trial ended negatively. Sunny kept nipping every adopter so she was returned. Not once has she bitten or even nipped us although she doesn't like her nails trimmed! Sunny is a shy and very sleep-defensive dog that can't be approached when she is napping or she will let out a growl to scare the devil himself. Sunny's favorite activity is playing tug of war early in the morning just after she goes outside! She is lovely and comical but rarely can you catch her vulnerable as she is in this picture. Sunny trusts us here at the Ranch and she will stay here safely and very much loved.

April is a tiny obese red Miniature Pinscher given up by her second owner because they didn't want to deal with her problems. Not only did she have eye and ear infections, April has deformed front legs and has badly aligned hips. With treatment for her infections and pain medication for her legs and hips, April is pain free and toddles slowly but determinedly! She is unable to go up any stairs or cross anything over 3 inches! April also was born with a heart condition which is 95% treatable with a $2000.00 balloon valvuloplasty for which we are saving up donations! With that treatment, April has every chance to live a long life despite her orthopedic disability. April is a very affectionate little "baby" and voices her opinions loudly if she doesn't get what she wants! She also needs assistance getting up each morning but once up and moving she can maneuver through the entire Dog Park soaking up the sunshine! April is also severely obese and on a reducing diet. She has lost two pounds and only has 3 more to go to the 7 pounds she should weigh. Once the excess weight is gone, her mobility will be even easier for her! This is one adorably sweet little girl deserving of a chance to live healthy and happily. If you would like to donate anything to our "April Fund," please check our donations page for instructions. We also want to especially thank LifeLine of the Animal United Nations for their donation to get her teeth cleaned. When April arrived, her teeth and gums were so bad that she could only eat softened kibble and canned dog food. Now she can chomp her doggy biscuits with the best of them!


Tina is probably the most loyal dog anyone here has ever met. She is never more than a few feet away and will follow you anywhere. Tina was rescued from the "cadaver dog" delivery van at the University of West Virginia. No other rescuers showed up to meet the van carrying 18 dogs that day. So Tina is a very lucky girl because we were told she was a MinPin. As you can see, Tina is a standard Manchester Terrier. Tina has arthritis now and takes Metacam arthritis medicine each evening that keeps her pain-free. At rescue, she was estimated to be 8 years old. She came to us about the same time as Princess Flo so she shares her birth date January 15, 1995. However, according to the vets, she is at least 15 years of age . But Tina keeps right on being a most happy Velcro dog!

Ricky Carlton is one unusual dog! He showed up on the property by himself two days after Brisket and Sweetie arrived. No one ever claimed this probably purebred Lhasa Apso after great effort was made to find his owner. Ricky was about 5 months old at the time and we gave him Alex' same birth date, February 2, 2004. Now, with a puppy cut because of his ever-growing silky black and silver hair, Ricky is the ring leader of all the younger and some of the older dogs. He always checks where Brisket is each morning but plays with everyone. If one believes in reincarnation, it is not hard to imagine that Ricky is Brisket and Sweetie's human come back to earth to keep an eye on us. Ricky has an uncanny intelligence and problem solving ability that make him almost human. So, just in case, Ricky isn't leaving the Ranch anytime soon!
Sweetie came to the Ranch after her beloved human died suddenly. Sweetie was quite ill suffering from reported congestive heart failure. After a time to settle in, Sweetie went to the cardiologist who said that there was nothing wrong with her heart but that she had chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. That is bad but not as bad as heart failure. On new meds, Sweetie is more active and becoming more affectionate everyday. She truly grieved for her human for some time but today she seems quite content resting in one of the many crates in the house watching all the activity. Her favorite pastime is eating and can that little girl eat?!? MinPin Sweetie's birthday is about September 15, 1995. She was originally a puppy mill bitch rescued by IMPS from a horrible mill in Missouri. She had a really tough beginning but has the safety and as much love as her beloved human gave her for the rest of her days here. We are certain that he has crossed the Rainbow Bridge and is there waiting for her.

BoBo Kitty was a big surprise. When we purchased a house near Washington, D.C., the washer and dryer were to convey. After closing, we found BoBo Diddle instead of the appliances. We changed her name to BoBo Kitty (probably should have named her Maytag) but she will always be BoBo. When the vet checked her over, she said BoBo was at least ten years old. Her "honorary" birth date is November 6, 1990. This formerly outdoor and indoor kitty has made the transition to being an indoor kitty. Now at least fifteen years old, she is still active, healthy, and happy. BoBo is a fluffy long hair gray kitty with deep green eyes who has the comical habit of sitting on her stool each evening to demand her dinner in a very loud voice. Other than this, she never meows! Cosmos Moon is our newest resident. Joining us in February 2004, Cosmos is a very stately "Garfield" cat. He is about 1.5 years old being born on or about August 7, 2003. Cosmos is here because he was just too interested in the family iquana (Hey, I am a cat and only doing what I instinctually do!). The reptile won and Cosmos came to fill an opening left when one of the Ranch residents crossed the Rainbow Bridge the end of 2004. Cosmos is a dream kitty, affectionate, mild-mannered, and the pickiest eater we have ever seen! He just doesn't seem to like to eat much - yet?!? Anybody know where to buy lizard-flavored cat food? But we are delighted to have this gorgeous orange tabby here at the Ranch.
Howie is a left-over. Placed with us by the National Humane Education Association, Howie, his days old litter mate Polly and Patty his mother, were found in an old rusting car in a dilapidated barn that was to be bull-dozed the next day. We estimate Howie's birth date to be April 7, 2001. Patty went on to be adopted by a family in New Orleans and Polly was adopted by a young lady and her family in Fairfax, Virginia. But Howie just hung around and no one ever wanted him. So Howie has grown up here becoming a magnificent cat that cat breeder friends say is a beautiful example of a Maine Coon Cat. He is enormous, gentle, playful but most of all SOFT! He is healthy and happy even if he has to get his hair brushed every other day . . . not his favorite activity! One interesting note is that Howie was offered premium canned cat food from weaning time on but refuses it. To this day, Howie only eats dry kibble! Hey, if Polly or Patty's family is reading this, Howie says "Give a head-butt to my sister and mom for me!"    Elijah is a huge all gray domestic short hair who, if we didn't know better, appears to be a Russian Blue. He was born July 4 in 1992 and is one of the original family pets before Rainbow Ranch was formed. Elijah has an outstanding trait in that he was easily trained to shake hands. He also drools but that is as far as he goes doing his dog impression. Eli lives with another pair of littermates, Raymond and Mimi and a foster cat named Garfield who is looking for a home.
Ms. Punkin is a rescue from an owner surrender who was getting married. His new wife didn't want Punky as she was then known. Ms. Punkin had been declawed as an adult cat and developed her new defensive strategy - biting. As a result, Ms. Punkin is about as feral as a housecat can get. She will only let one of us touch her and then only briefly. But she is on the bed every night, stealthily creeping up to sleep with her human. Ms. Punkin loves to rest in her crate during the daytime just like a dog does. Her honorary birth date is November 6, 1993 and we guess her age to be about 12.

Mimi was predicted to be like "Mimi" on TV. She even today looks remarkably like the TV character. Ironically, she turned out to be lovable and not at all opinionated and sassy like "Mimi." Mimi is Raymond's sweet sister and is a classic tabby with a ferocious sense of play much like her brother. If these two catch a kitty tease toy, you can forget more play because they will not let go. Mimi was also maybe six weeks old when left at the farm market but has become a great cat. Both of them are very healthy and Mimi has no bad habits except for hogging the toys! Her birth date is also estimated to be August 2, 1999.


Raymond is, well, Raymond. Every family has to have a problem child and he is "it." Ray and his sister were left at a farm market for anyone to take home. One of our directors worked at the farm market and brought these two last kittens home when the store closed. Raymond was named so because "Everybody Loves Raymond." Well, we goofed - everybody doesn't love Raymond when he is naughty. He proceeded to terrorize all the other cats and became a "marker" even though neutered as early as possible. As a result, Raymond lives with his sister And Elijah, whom he still pesters, but not nearly as much as the other cats. His litter box has to be kept spotless or he will resourcefully find chairs, rugs, corners, whatever he chooses for doing business. He does have one endearing habit. In the picture, you will see "snuggle bunny." Raymond snagged this bunny from the dogs for his very own. He will stand and knead it for several minutes at a time and then knock it on the floor. We made Raymond's birth date August 2, 1999 reflecting the year he was left at the market at barely six weeks of age.  We still love him and his soft coat.

Kasha arrived at the Ranch just after Rainbow Ranch re-located to Florida. She is probably a Birman mix and is absolutely drop dead gorgeous with turquoise eyes. Kasha is a talker and has a charming personality. She swishes her tail at humans and just flaunts her beauty. Kasha was given to us by a woman who found her trying to exist under a mobile home. Kasha was definitely not an outdoor cat. Kasha is estimated to be about two years of age and her birthday reflects the day of her coming here, February 20 (2003).
Lucky was spotted at a shelter, very sick in a bottom cage, while we were there on a dog rescue. Lucky didn't look too good and wasn't probably going to have many days left. A shelter worker asked us "Why do you want that sick old black tomcat? Get yourselves a healthy one!" The municipal shelter did release him to us only with phone verification from our vet that Lucky would go directly to our vet. Kind Dr. Moghal waited for us so he could immediately check Lucky, determining that he had multiple infections. Lucky pulled through but, sadly, his ear remains deformed. Hey, it only adds to his unique charm. The "old cat" also turned out to be no more than three years old. His "birth date" is about March 31, 1999. Once recovered, Lucky was neutered and, to this day, the old tomcat has never marked anything and has become a feline extraordinaire whose favorite activity is kneading humans to tell us he is grateful for his chance to live! Tadi joined us from a shelter pull. His humans moved, saying they couldn't take their two purebred cats that they had loved ten years since kittenhood. Tadi was for adoption with his sister Takara, a standard and beautiful Ruddy Abbysinnian. However, Tadi is a blue Abby and no one wanted him and the two are so bonded that they needed to stay together. We brought them both home to the Ranch where they have lived happily ever after in the "Exotics' Room." Tadi was born on March 1, 1993. He is declawed on all four feet so he must live in a gentle room away from clawed kitties. Tadi is very playful, true to his breed, and may be the most affectionate cat at the Ranch. He also talks, greeting any visitors just as you can see in the picture.

Takara is Tadi's sister, coming to us from a shelter pull so that they could stay together. Their humans gave them up when they moved. Tadi and Takara were ten years old and unlikely to be adopted together. Takara is a bit more aloof than Tadi but both of them will head-butt you for hours. They adore their "kitty bird toys" and love to chase their toy balls. In the mornings, their furry mice toys are often pushed under the door to the delight of the dogs who immediately tear them up so we are always buying more furry mice! Takara is also born on March 1, 1993, fully declawed and healthy.

* If you would like to send more furry mice toys, Takara would be very grateful but she won't promise not to scoot them under the door!



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